Strom's Black Belt Academy hosts several Self-Defense seminars including Quick Defense, a unique four-six-week course resulting in a Black Belt from the Quick Defense Association. We also teach seminars if you can only spare 1 day or even a few hours for training. These hands-on seminars teach prevention as well as quick effective strategies to disarm or disable an attacker. Seminars range in cost but are discounted for groups.  Groups can include coworkers, family members, fraternity or sorority members, and even age-appropriate strategies for children and youth. 

We cater our instruction to your group's needs and abilities so don't hesitate to sign up if you or a friend or loved one have physical limitations. Unfortunately, anyone can be a target, but once armed with the tactics we teach, you will feel better prepared to respond in a crisis situation.  For an additional charge, Strom's Black Belt Academy can bring a seminar to you! Just contact us via the information on the "Contact" page, let us know more about your group, and we can discuss a seminar fit for your needs!


Grandmaster Strom started the Motivational Institute of Texas in 1995 to address a need he observed over years of working with youth.  He recognized the unique benefits martial arts training presented to disadvantaged or "at-risk" youth and their families and started this accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit agency. 

This division of Strom's Black Belt Academy allows him to apply for grants and/or utilize donations to deliver services to youth and their families identified as "at-risk" for free or at reduced cost. If you are interested in contributing to this program, please contact Grandmaster Strom by phone, email, or the form located on the "Contact" page of this website.